Was Obama Really Born in USA?

    'Just a Little' Doubt Obama Was Born in America

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    One of the prerequisites for being a US president is to be a native citizen.


    yes he is a united states citizen


    was he born here, we know he is a citizen, what proof do we have, just wondering?

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    He did not grow up here and doesn't see how America really works. His cultural back ground is so different from a person who grew up here. It does matter.


    Unbelievable answer! He was born in the state of Hawaii.

    Of course he was born in the United States of America. I don't understand why this is even an issue. While I have not held it, I have seen his certificate of birth, and copies of the announcement of his birth. What more do you what? Plus there are many ways of life here in the USA. We are not just one race, creed, and cultures, and we need a leader who represents that. did George Bush do that. He represented you if you were male, rich, and white.

    Gonna give you a thumbs up on your question, if you like my answer please return the favor. I haven't seen much discussion on the question yet, but think it is a good one.

    Thumbs up Lupe, I agree, your background determines your views, and it's the law of the land. It does matter and it is questionable. Only two people can answer that Obama and his Grandma who died suddenly. So I agree with the view above about someone born here doing a crappy job, vs someone born elsewhere doing a good job, but still have to obey the laws of the land.


    So where in my post did I say anything about where he was brought up ??,the question is about where he was BORN,not about the culture he grew up in,and I still say that the PLACE of one's birth is of no relevance.


    To be president of the U.S. you have to be born in the U.S. it's the law. Being that there has been a question posted regarding the authenticity of his birth certificate, that is the question above. The relevance of someones birth country is reflected in the law of the land. The authors and ratifiers of the law though it's importance to be great enough to make it a law. You are welcome to your opinion as is everyone else.


    Hating any politician is not going to solve problems in any country.


    Jwalker, surely you're smarter than your own remarks picture you. Do you have any idea about the extensive background investigation that a president of the US undergoes? Verifying one's date and place of birth is but a tiny insignifcant portion of the BI. You or anyone else with about $10 can do it (birth certification). Secondly, who is the mysterious "#2 the" you speak of? Do you have some sort of secret association with secret sources? Please, you show your ignorance when you put such things in writing. Check the rules dude. Look into it and see what the ordinary citizen with a simple TOP SECRET clearance goes through. It takes tens of thousands of dollars and about six months of investigation. Your fraudulant birth certificate theory is a joke.

    No he was not lets just look at the facts# 1 if he was why don't he just show the real birth certificate. # 2 the called his grandma in Kenya and she told them she was right there when he was born and that they have a monument to be set up in town at his birth place and then some one told her to stop talking and that was the end of the enter view I will say he was not born in the USA and we have so many stupid people in the usa that no one but a few care to find out the truth.

    Would someone please put me right on this issue;The implication I get from the above posts seems to state that ones PLACE of birth is the deciding factor of elegability for office,this implies that any offspring of an american that was an expat for any reason (military personnel posted abroad for instance)is therefore NOT able to become president,surely that can't be right ?.


    No. First off, US military personnel posted abroad are not expats. They continue to be US citizens as are their offspring when born in that foreign country. Also, one's place of birth is not "the deciding factor of elegability" but is "a" deciding factor.

    Does it really matter where someone was born,after all,it's not like they had any choice in the matter is it;Surely what is more important is what kind of a president he is being than anything else.
    Think about it,would you prefer a non native president that did a good job,or a native one that didn't ?.

    Headless Man

    Does it really matter, YES, the American life style is unique and to be ruled by people who loves it and wants to protect it.


    Define for me "The American Life Style."

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