What vehicle does a ACDelco spark plug CR43TS fit?

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    I would check at your local Auto store as yes the plug would "fit" any car with the same size threaded hole as required by the plugs. However as to whether the plugs would "SUIT" a particular motor is a different thing entirely. Plugs have different heat ranges and motors operate at different heat ranges SO the plug has to be of a HEAT range compatable with maximum performance of the motor. In the good old days if our motor was worn and the plugs were not "hot" enough we would fit "hotter" plugs so burning off the excess oil and not oiling up the plugs. The plugs with a short thread are hotter than those with long threads. WHY? I hear simply because the longer the thread the longer the plug and the further the spark has to travel from the top of the plug to the spark gap, so the spark has time to cool marginaly. If you are not confused now you should be.
    any four cylinder car it will fit.

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