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    I am trying to find a song witht he words "plenty of room up top" also it has these words as well "crazy fool who drive like that"

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    fool just fool you now who is fool you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Plenty of Room by Anita Baker. Doesn’t have the second set of words you wrote:

    I thought I told you everthing you needed
    You needed to know,oh
    I thought I gave you everything and then you decided to go,oh
    Ohhh,You know I understand 
    And child I love you with an open hand
    When ever you should need me 
    You know where I am
    Cause I got room
    Plenty of room
    Never lonely again just open my door come on in
    Cause I got room plenty of room 
    You'll never be lonely again just open my door come on in
    Cause I got room
    Don't you know I love you child where ever
    Where ever you rome on your own
    Lord knows it gets cold out side and if you
    You should want to come home,on home
    Ohh,you know I don't lie
    Should the world outside make you want to cry 
    Don't be shy no darling just come on by 
    Reapeat Chrous
    Ohh, Right now would be a good time to find
    That you have walked into my room
    Any time would be a good time
    It ain't never to late baby never to soon
    Ain't no better love than me and you
    You know that's true oh
    So sit down at my table til your spirit is feed
    Rest your worries by the fire
    Lay your burdens in my bed

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