should "Q & A" initiate an "IQ" test for membership ?

    lots of great questions here... some real dumb ones as well! maybe even a spelling test would help!
    yes or no?

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    Try my halfway house???

    daren ... how will i ever learn if i don't ask questions?!

    Daren1, good question I believe I like this one.....

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    Then there's always gems like, "Gettys bird address". Do you really want to miss those? LOL
    how about a sobriety check

    Or even a sobriety check too. Sorry daren...just having a little fun! Hope all is well!

    not so bad! and im the one suggesting a spelling test

    Daren dont pick on me and my spelling! You love me!
    I am telling you .. you guys would miss me if all these qualifications were neccesary! I know I would miss you!
    Ms Sinclair

    Oh no dear. There are people on this site that make you look like a rocket scientist. You have no need to worry.

    Here is another gem,"My chooks voice has changed".No names - no pack drill,but wouldn't we miss her?
    Would there be anyone left?

    a lot of vulger questions lately!


    Yes there are. If you know of any I missed, post in them so I can see them and remove them.

    you got it..
    i've down graded to just a speed bump !!
    it's getting rather silly!!
    Hey, I'm just getting over getting thrown out of my favorite watering hole. I get thrown off this site I'm turning the gas on and sticking my head in the oven.

    don't do that
    At least make sure we can understand the question. Maybe some to delete unanswerable questions.

    i thought that as well ,it be a full time gig!
    Headless Man

    "Maybe some to delete unanswerable questions."

    I delete many unanswerable questions per day. I know if I don't and you all saw how many come in that just can't be answered, you'd all leave.
    When I was asked to join Mensa I asked if anyone could join. I was told only those who qualify by a high enough IQ score. I was astonished. They explained only smart people qualified. I did not choose to join because I found people who were not necessarily bright, capable of asking questions that I found ennobling to answer. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to answer with a little experience of my own. Its a casual cultural sort of thing that I prefer over hard line facts. There is plenty of room for facts, but sometimes wispy wit and down-home native savvy can fill your dreams with adventures enough to fill a book. The snappy answer a computer can fill your screen with, is a wonderful thing to have. Brevity has its place, E=IR (volts=amps X ohms). But it doesn't have that personal...human touch I love.
    ole hipster

    Sounds like Mensa abuse....I always understood that 140 and up was considered to be qualifications for this "society" Who cares?!

    Those of us with a higher score :-)

    Lets try to keep the I.Q. requirements low enough so we can all play.. If you put it too high, only Colleen will be here.. I suggest at least 35 as a requirement. that's fair..

    mmmmmmm....35.......My cat qualifies.

    Ok, go get your cat to join, I'm sure it can answer a lot of the questions posted here.. :)
    YES, I agree with Vinny, because it would also hurt the blondes.

    wat, Iq tast? y wat kan i reed 2 git redy 4 da test?

    how about some kind of intelectual breathilizer that connects to the mainframe!

    We'd watch computers blow up all over the world, lol
    i would suggest one of those boxes were you got to match the scrambeld words, but that wouldn't do much

    They are looking into other options that may work. It'll all come together in time.
    Mine's 120 so I wouldn't qualify. But my son's is 160 he'd beat the lot. 80 is below average, 100 is average, the rest is above average.
    lmao...we'd all be in trouble if that was the case:)
    Yes, Yes, and Yes.
    hahahehehe, IQ test, you serious Daren :)
    you'd only have like , hmmmmmmmm.....Leeroy, colleen and five others :) which it would not be nice when some will see their names not on the list i would say, so let's keep it free for for everyone, so as to not make others feel dumb and go suicide
    BUT I have always wanted to see how much my IQ is, always wanted to take the real test. I WOULD LOVE TO DO IT, But at the same time i'd like to see some stupid comments as well as as to make a gig out of it :)
    I'm having enough debates in my life to consider more debates online :( so let's keep the humour in this site :)

    totally agree theres lots of humor here , but sometimes i feel more like a electronic voice rather than a human

    well, that's kinda true with you. he.he i've always had that image of you as well , sorry to say that. But with your comments, you do seem (unlike others, somewhat special) like an electronic voice, but like i said, that's what makes you a special character on this site :) But all the otherwise, i know you are a human ;)

    Just like your avatar, i kinda love it :)
    I think it's too easy to sign up to the site.

    That's not a suggestion that we should have entry tests!!!

    I do think it would help if when you came to register for the first time a few... rules is the wrong word... suggestions to read first on a "click to continue" system might help.

    Others might think of more, but not too many or people would give up... but this sort of thing>>>

    When you ask a question please be sure you give enough information. E.g. In which country you live.

    Please take a minute to read your question and correct any spelling errors before you post. Note. If English is not your first language just go ahead.

    Please remember children are welcome to access the site.

    Welcome. Please enter you email address... etc.

    "Please remember children are welcome to access the site."

    No, they are not welcome. We just can't stop them until they let on that they are kids. They only have to lie about their age. But it is good to know kids may be lurking so post accordingly.

    The site isn't suitable for children in many ways but, as you say, we can't stop them joining because they lie about their age. If this idea was ever taken up the sentence could be reworded. It was intended to be taken as a warning by adults. The danger of making it clearer would be making youngsters even more curious, unless there were so many boring things to read first they gave up. At the end of the day it's down to their parents to check what their offspring are reading on the internet. All we can do is try to spot them as efficiently as you do.

    Have you checked your e-mail suliz?

    Er... no. I forgot my password. I did ask if I could change my email address but I didn't get an answer... unless I couldn't read that either. Can you give me a clue as to what might be in an email I should have checked? I could take a guess about it concerning the second two things, since I know nothing has been done yet about the first. If I'm right I would be happier about popping in tomorrow... I mean later this morning. Do you think I might be happy tomorrow?
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