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    my husband has really let himself go,weight,brushing,teeth you name it L.A.Z.Y.Ive told him as nicely as i can and still nothing changes,what do i do,I cant stand it anymore

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    Buy him a bar of Lava soap, a scrub brush and toothbrush hand it to him and point blank tell him if he does not wish to have good hygeine then show him the door and tell him to find someone else that can accept that kind of behaviour because you refuse to.


    Well if washing oneself is going to cause suicide I would say there are a whole lot more and deeper problems then just bad hygiene.


    Darci this does sound like depression and if this is the case that could cause extreme problems including suicide


    hahahah LOL @ Darci :D omg that is so true hand him all that stuff and say it in his face ... dont hesitate that he will feel bad ... let him face it... or send him to a couselor.... he really needs 1... im glad my husband is clean else i wud kick him out 4 sure :p

    People who "let themselves go" are often depressed clinically. Tell the doctor.

    simple, when he comes near you , say ewww you stink LOL! honestly he will think twice before coming close to you and might also fear that someone else will say the same to him :D

    I had a little stroke and did the same thing. My doctor got me on blood thinners and exercise. I lost some weight and a few weeks later it all cleared up and I feel much better now.


    really :( that is really sad....sorry 2 hear that... i hope its not that serious to not care 4 urself .... :( in that case ya consult a doc...

    I agree you may want to discuss going to a dr with him... for support Depression is no joke.

    Well You can get a can of LYsol and walk over to him and start spraying him down with it, at least it'll kill some of the stinky stuff and maybe he might get the idea.
    Good Luck we're all counting on you

    It's clear that your husband has lost motivation in his life. He is obviously not happy with something. Either it will be his job, he feels he is getting old,he is bored with life and his marriage. You need to have a proper talk with him. Do NOT give him a bar of soap etc as this will just cause a row. The longer this goes on the slobbier he will get and the matter will get worse, not better. Get him to talk it . Either with you or a counsellor

    agree wid encourager sign of depression.
    ya if u let him know how bad u feel when u come close 2 him or he comes close 2 u , he might give it a thought ...GUD LUCK :)

    Great advise everyone Thank You Ill let you know how it turns out

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