don't understand how i can study and nothing sticks...

    i am so desperate....i'm studing anatomy & physiology....tuff....lot of info....and i study my but off but cannot retain anything....verry frustrating

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    Trust a old Aussie this will help. Record your study in your own voice and wear head phones to bed and play the information you recorded whilst you sleep. Read the information whilst you are lying in bed ,when you finish reading put the papers on the floor,switch on your recording and turn off the light and go to sleep.

    First thing when you wake reverse the above. I was a instructor in the Army and again in civilian life and have first hand knowledge this method works a treat. I even, back in the dark ages of tape recorders in cars, used to play my own voice information as I drove to a teaching venue and people would ask "How do you learn all this" Good luck and remember the "Sandpaper" principle "NEVER LET THE BASTARDS WEAR YOU DOWN"
    You've answered yourself.

    You are desperate. Nobody can think properly when they are worried. However close your exams are, and I wouldn't think at the beginning of May they are too close, take a break.

    Leave the books... skip lectures... and walk away. Do whatever you enjoy that has absolutely nothing to do with those subjects... and stay away from student mates, and bars.

    Set yourself a time limit... two days max... we don't want you thrown out of college... come back and start again, slowly.

    Make notes... on a laptop if you can't read your own writing... that happens when your brain works faster than your hand, and you can use the spell ckeck on a computer.

    Every morning, read through the notes you made the day before. YOUR notes... not a rehash of all the text books you studied so carefully yesterday.

    Next time you feel desperate, check how many pages of notes you have. THEY are in your head. You may not think so but look at a paper and read the questions... you won't know everything but you'll be able to make a good stab at most.

    If the school or college library has past papers, particularly students' essays written in previous years... and some American college or university libraries do have them... read a few and see what is expected of you.

    Ask your tutor or teacher's advice. Is it better to give good answers to a few questions or try to write an answer of some sort to them all. Institutions vary in the way they allocate marks.

    Remember to stay in touch with your mother by mobile... you don't want her worrying, if she isn't already.

    Good luck.
    You should practise recalling the information. Generally when you study you should spend 50% of the time learning (reading) and 50% recalling (eg by writing down what you have learnt.

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