why would a killdeer parent bird abandon her nest with eggs in it?

    Mother bird was here for about 3 weeks
    layed 4 eggs on our driveway
    She sat on them and protected them for about 2 1/2 weeks
    never seen father bird

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    The father won't come around until the eggs hatch and the female calls to him and let's him know it's time to help feed the chicks. The male will not set the eggs.

    If the female has not come back it could mean someone touched the nest and eggs or something happened to her or the eggs weren't fertile.
    Thanks. We had 3 Killdeer on the yard 2 weeks ago. Then a pair of crows moved in and we have hardly seen the Killdeer since. She had gotten accustomed to us working around her nest. I chased the stupid crows away from her nest once and she came back, but the next day with 3 eggs in the nest all 3 adults were gone. Hail storm last night destroyed 2 of the eggs, we brought the 3rd into the house & I put it in a box with tissue, not to sure what else to do with it at this point.

    It will have to be incubated. You should have just left it. The killdeer would have come back and set it. Birds do not sit constantly in the eggs. They do leave them for cooling off periods. You might as well just toss the egg out unless you want to get an incubator.

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