how old do you have to be not to use a car booster?

    I am 11 years old and my mum insists that I use one!!

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    It goes by hieght in the US... 4 ft.

    It is not age, but height that makes the use of a booster seat an issue. I'm not sure that it is four feet or 42", but I would think a visit to a site like WebMD or a call to a pediatrician would give you a definitive answer.

    Sounds like your mum loves you a lot! But you seem to be embarrassed by the situation. Do some research, using credible sources, and then have a discussion with her about it. If you do need a booster seat still, then don't worry. You may feel that all your friends laugh at you. But, at your age, kids tend to find ways to tease each other one way or the other.
    What is important that you see yourself as strong and worthwhile in the face of teasing. Everyone, whether you believe it or not, even the seemingly "perfect" kid, is teased from time to time. Life is like that. How you deal with sticky sticky situations can be a real learning opportunity for you. Don't let things get you down. Remain positive and keep telling yourself that you are exactly the way you are supposed to be and, no matter what others say, you know the truth.

    u have 2 be 4ft. tall and weigh at least 80lbs.

    Under the new regulations any children that are older than three and younger than twelve, but shorter than 4'5" or 135cm must use a child seat or a booster cushion to travel in a car.

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