I have constent chest discomfort. Everytime I eat, anything, feels like indigestion. What is causing the discomfort?

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    I'll guess acid reflux. You can try over the counter medications for it but depending on how sever it is, they may not be strong enough. Best bet, see a doctor to make sure it's not a heart issue.
    Get to a doctor like yesterday, Pain and discomfort of any sort is your body saying "Hey there is something wrong with me" You can not get diagnosed here, hopefully it is not serious but what if it is the big C. If that doesn`t make you go to see a qualified person I don`t know what will. Every day you are not diagnosed is of upmost importance if it is "C" Get to doc and good luck.
    Read up about how apple cider vinegar in water can help with indigestion. Often the acid reflux is caused by eating your food to rapidly. The reason that you should chew your food quite a bit, is so that the saliva can work on the food (meaning your saliva contains ENZYMES which help to digest your food in your stomach). If you chew your food and swallow too quickly, then your enzymes don't get much of a chance to absorb into your food to help it digest when it gets to your stomach!

    Also, I read that pickles and sauerkraut with your meal seem to help with digestion! Go figure. You can buy ranitidine tablets for a fairly decent price at Walmart and Costco. They help to prevent heartburn and acid reflux. Also, don't eat too many fatty foods and carbohydrates without balancing them with some good veggies and fruits. Good luck, and hope you feel better soon!

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