how does the second baseman keep the runner from getting a lead?

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    The best way for the second baseman to keep the runner close is to work with the short stop. The most common way to do that: The short stop begins approximately 10 feet directly behind the runner after the runner has gotten his lead. After the pitcher has come to a "set" position, the shortstop moves in directly behind the runner.

    At that point, the shortstop will make a determination on whether or not to attempt a pick off. If so, then the shortstop plants his right foot hard to the right side (toward third) and then makes his best move to second base with his glove open. The pitcher should then make his best move to second base.

    If the shortstop makes the determination that he does not have a reasonable chance at the runner then he should slap his glove and move back to the right. At that point the runner may take an additional step toward third. At that point the "second" baseman has a chance to make his move toward second base with an open glove to pick off the runner.

    If the second baseman determines that he does not have a reasonable chance to pick off the runner, then he should slap his glove indicating to the pitcher to pitch the ball. The Pitcher should move into his motion to pitch instantly after hearing the second slap from the second baseman.

    For more information, The coach should determine who (the shortstop or the second baseman) is going to work the runner at second based on the situation: who is up, lefty or righty, what is the history of the runner, etc.....

    Hope this helps!
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    staying closer to the base than the runner

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