should they show the dead picture of osama bin laden?

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    Imagine the sales one could make on dart boards.

    ....he was no better than any other dead body

    He should have been beheaded and his head put on a stick. Now that would have made a good picture.
    The white house already announced that they're not going to release the picture, they probably don't want to stir up that hornets nest in the Middle East anymore than it already is...
    Probably not. Just stirrin up too much trouble. Im not gonna lie though... I would look @ it.
    No. It is not a decent thing to do. It would be too inflammatory. I can imagine what his face looked like after being shot. He wasn't Jesus on the cross, that's for sure. He was living in luxury, too. No spider-hole for him, like Saddam Hussein.

    I wouldn't like to see a photo of the friend-of-a-friend who was walking along beside the World Trade Center, and had a piece of the shattered glass fall down on him and cut him in half, either! That was just one of the deaths that Osama caused. Karma is a good thing!
    just saw him on face book, my computer is alll f....d up now!

    seriously maybe somthing not to graphic, but just to bring some merit

    No,the muslims that follow him would start praying to him just before they blew themselves up,,they would make a martyer of him,giving themselves another stupid reason to die..leave him in a forgettable part of history as an example of what not to become..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..


    Up until 5 minutes ago I'd forgot all about the C^&t.
    terryfossil 1

    Sorry mate,some things are not worth remembering..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..
    No, I don't need to see them....
    Why do people want to see this? or morbid reasons? There's lots of morbid sites to see people with bullet holes in their heads.

    The problem I have with it is that the people Osama stood with are a crazy bunch, they are always looking for a new reason to show how crazy they are, hell they wanted to kill us over a cartoon.. Just let it be..

    They showed Saddam but that was different, those people for the most part hated him and it brought closure.. Osama is loved by the crazies and there are many of them. The 'good Islamist' do not recognize him as a leader, the ones that do, have no problem killing their own people, even their own children if need be in their crippled minds. I would be very afraid that once those pictures get out these crazies have another excuse to murder Americans.. Or anyone in any country they consider as infidels. Their guns have no sights, they will shoot first and check out what they shot later..

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