How many votes do we get in a day? I have never run out before in the new forum, but I'm out and it's early.

    Does anyone know?

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    7 Answers

    Hey anyone know the number of votes we get in a day?
    i guess they don't have this problem in the senate
    i'll give you some of mine,just let me know who and what

    lol, funny, I contacted administration, I'm hoping they'll get back to me soon and let me know so I can let everyone know.
    I was wondering if Colleen knew the answer to this question?
    Huh, I was wondering if you don't use them all in one day do they accumulate, because I have been able to vote more than 10 a day quite a few times, thanks for the answer, I'd give you a thumbs up but... I don't have anymore votes.

    It was nice when you could borrow them from the next day on the old forum.
    LOL You blew all your votes already? You have to learn to conserve leeroy. ;)

    Yeah, I was awake at 4am and must have blown quite a few, I can be the same way with money sometimes...
    I thought I read some where 10.

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