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    This is the code to load your photo for now:
    <begin with<-IMG src= "Then your wed link to your image" end with<ISMAP>
    Do not put the - in front of IMG or the< in front of ISMAP be sure that your link to your photo looks like this: "http://your web site photo name and format(.jpg or .gif and end with "

    I had to use the extra - and < to keep the code visible.

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    Site changes has made this code obsolete...........

    Eagle #1

    ole hipster

    daren1...what happened to your answer here??? I thought I saw a similar error with another answer of yours...what's going on??

    if you look close is a smiley face (sideways)thats the closest i could get to down loading a picture
    ole hipster

    OK now I see it (I think)...I too am having a problem trying out Randy's instructions but then again I'm easily confused at times! (probably a bit of early dementia or too much "partying" in my old hippie days if you get my drift!) (:
    Someone try this so I know it works for you too.

    Try it it works.....

    Try it...,

    You can try this here to see if it works for you.

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