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    What is the best way to lose weight?

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    You should have a watch how many calorie you are taking per day.If you want to loose weight you should take appro 1300 calorie per day and burn about 500calorie by exercise which suited to you. if you burn/saves around 3500 calorie you will lose 1kg weight. keep patience and wait for result. Never be hungry any time ,eat small meals in every two or three. you last meal of the day should be lighter and and it should be taken 3hrs before sleeping.

    HA! I love this subject and i will get flamed but I quit smoking in 1999, as time went on, I gained weight to a point where I couldn't carry myself across the street. I was miserable. I tried excercise, diets but I couldn't control the pain from the weight burden, i guess I started too late. SO! In 2009, I started smoking again, since then I have lost over 30 lbs and I am feeling great! I do stink though I am constantly washing my hands and brushing my teeth to get rid of the smell. :)

    Die of heart attack, stroke lung cancer etc from smoking

    Or die from heart attack, stroke, diabetes, from being overweight etc..

    In the end, the results are the same, you're dead.. Nobody lives forever and there is no such thing as dying healthy..

    At least now I can walk again, no pain and much happier, Of course I am not condoning smoking for those here, this was simply my choice.. Your results may vary' :)


    Polluting YOUR world?? Hey, I live here too! :) BTW, I am very respectful where i smoke, I am very courteous and will not light up in presence of others. (nobody breaths my smoke) I don't smoke all day like an old factory. Just enough to curb my appetite and it works. There are many more serious things around you that are possibly taking your life as an innocent bystander. just listen to the news, everyday they pop up with something else that is killing you, every day!



    I never said that smoking was 'good for you' I said "i didn't condone smoking". I prefer being happy, being able to walk again and go places, even to the grocery store, I enjoy not having the pain in my knees anymore-- Nobody around me complains because I am aware of their sensitivities, I make a jest that i stink. LOL I do!! But even that I try my best to control it..

    You're ok though, I will try not to ruin 'your world'.. I'll stay in my own world.. HA! Love it!! :)


    Vinny, you basically changed one rotten addiction for another, the only difference is when you were overweight, you weren't polluting my world. Now you are, so not only are you killing yourself but those around you who have to breathe your smoke. Not good my friend, not good.

    Cut your portions in half, when I go to a restaurant , always ask for a container when they serve your meal, you can immediately cut it in half and have lunch for the next day(no temptation to over eat) cut back on the bad carbs...bread, potatoes etc. Exercise every second day for at least an hour and the best advice is to be active after each meal to encourage the metabolism to work better. Don't eat in the evening after six and if you do get hungry have some tea. Stop the junk food habit and sweets. You can have it now and then but as a treat ...not a habit.

    I agree with both jessica and angela. I don't follow any diet though.Just keep my calories under my allotted amount, I eat something every two or three hours and I walk at my lunch hr. Also men seem to loose more weight faster than women, why's that?

    Simple equation. Burn more calories in a day than you intake= weight loss.

    cut calories in half...and add exercise. No sugar, or alot of fat..and breads. Exercise alot!~ Know its only temporary. Its not easy! But do this 2 weeks then it gets easier with results! Go to log all food and your goal is super easy! n its free!~!let me know how it goes!

    Eat healthy and exercise. That's all. No miracle diet in this world works. You have to change what makes you eat junk food in the first place, then change your mind about food. It is a battle for the rest of your life. But it feels good when you actually win it.

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