how do you keep stearling silver from not tarnishing when not in use

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    Usually what is called tarnish in silver objects is due to reactions between the silver metal
    with several gases present at the atmosphere and water ( humidity) including even the oxygen
    and also some polluting sulphide gases. The Oxygen and the Sulphide gases readily combine with
    Silver and Copper (many times present also) to form Oxides and Sulphides, that have a black or
    dark grey colour. So the main thing is to prevent the contact between silver objects and the
    air (and humidity of course!) Try not to use polythene bags for storage, especially the
    'gripper' type as they trap gases inside and create a greenhouse type environment, which is
    particularly good at creating tarnish. So try to keep your silver objects as dry as possible
    and the cabinet where you keep them as far as possible free from air.
    You can use absorbers as active charcoal and/or silica gel or some commercial products
    directed to prevent tarnish.
    There are also some commercial lacquers or sprays that cover the metal surface preventing
    contact with the air but unhappily these sometimes make them to look dull.
    Apart from that the best way to keep silver (or silver plated objects) clean and bright
    would be clean them periodically with some product that will remove the ugly oxidation
    cigerette ashes work

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