does a 1971 triumph spitfire require leaded gas?

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    My car has run on unleaded gas with no problems since the day it was originally purchased in 1968. It always used AMOCO gas which was unleaded even back then.

    AMOCO gas was indeed unleaded from its inception as was all aviation gasoline. However they did use a substitute for the lead to lubricate the poppet valve pounding surfaces. In the case of aviation engines they used special inserts into the engine block to guard against valve ware
    In a word Yes. You will want to check with a Triumph Spitfire authority. I am only aware of one engine builders (Kohler) that prepared for the removal of lead from gasoline as far back as 1955.

    Lead in gasoline served as a valve lubricant on the pounding surfaces of the poppet valve face. If your engine builder did not anticipate the removal of lead there are some non-lead additives that can poured into your gas tank to provided the needed lubrication formerly provided by the lead.

    It is highly unlikely that a 1971 triumph spitfire engine would have anticipated the removal of lead. I am not aware of any automotive manufacture that had this much foresight.

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