How do we know those we listen to are sent from God -- prophets

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    Someone who calls themselves a prophet in this day and age would send up red flags to me immediately. There is a Biblical gift of prophecy, but most people with this gift will only speak of it as a gift from God.

    If you refer prophecy as being a gift from God, than the glory is going to the right place, God. If you refer to yourself as a prophet, the attention is then going to you as an individual, that's somewhat prideful.
    Being that pride isn't considered to be a good thing in the Bible especially when referring to oneself, that would be a warning flag to me.

    Spiritual discernment is also a gift that God gives us, what is your gut telling you? This would most likely be your discernment letting you know to be weary or to trust. As long as the person in question is staying within the bounds of scripture, and what he is speaking of is scriptural, than I wouldn't worry to much.

    Yet, it is always extremely important to be student of the word. When a leader or pastor says something about the Bible or has specific views, make sure it is backed up by God's Word. If it isn't then, go to another church that preaches the Bible. Hope this helps?
    beware of wolves amongst sheep, there are many false true biblical test is :any one who denies that jesus was the son of god is lieing
    By their fruits you shal know them.
    All human beings are sent by God.
    One very important thing to do is to read your Bible and see if they line up with what Jesus taught. Look at the foundation of the ministry first...are they going as Jesus sent the apostles? Doctrine...does it line up with what Jesus taught? The life of the "sent one"...does it line up with Jesus? Read your Bible adn compare.
    We don't, it is all a matter of personal choice. The Catholics call it a "leap of faith", which can be translated as a "suspension of rationale".

    Alex Locke
    An obvious non-believer

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