Mr.Roy Holsworth JR

    I am a navy veteran. Served on the U.S.S. Achernar (AKA 53)during the Korean Conflict. I was honorably discharged in 1954.
    While there, my ear drum was ruptured by an unexpected firing. This can be documented with ships information that I have.
    Days in sick bay and diagnosis. I now receive $123.00 a month, Have been receiving that for about 4 years.
    This ear has been a constant expense and lot of pain. Never went to VA until very recently
    VA in Battle Creek. I did receive hearing aides that are a joke. (sorry)
    Appreciate your time and trouble.
    Roy Holsworth

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    Really wish I could help you Mr Holsworth. I feel its best you contact your local VA office and submit your doctors files to them to confirm of your suffering since your military service injury. Good luck and THANK YOU for serving our country. YOUR A GREAT AMERICAN


    Your answer is so serene. Could not have said better myself. TU!!!

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