What do you do when a guy ask you out, and then says hes fakeing? Im so con fused :/

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    Sounds like he is a bit of a moron.It's like stepping on a piece of keeps sticking around bothering you.If you feel this low about yourself that you would even consider this fool, then you really need to get your self esteem up.Tell him you are interested in someone else, he doesn't have to know the someone else is your self esteem!

    I know... I have very bad self esteem... But this is something that always happens to me! :/

    Until you change the way you are and the way you think, this is something that will always happen to you. Either change the way you are and start making yourself attractive to better quality men or get use to being used. Men will only go as far as you allow them to go. Stop being easy. Demand respect from them or tell them to take a hike.

    yea, thanks...

    Well girlfriend...let me tell ya, life is short, your young now and have time to start working on yourself.Wasting your time on guys that don't treat you right is letting the one that will go. I stayed with my first love from 13 to 18 and was beaten, verbally abused and after 5 years had no self respect or self love. I spent a long time of my life allowing abuse because I had no reason to believe I was worth a damn thing. I am 42 now and have finally seen my light shine and sadly don't have great memories of my teen years, instead I am saddened that I lost myself through bad men. Please look at your reflection and say out loud to yourself every morning"I am worth more". You are what you think...finally I think I am beautiful, smart and worth waiting to find the right man.
    mom gave good advice take it....

    Yea he/she did... Im just confused... nothing like that has ever happen to me...
    I would say avoid future contact with this guy

    I want to get him out of my life, but he keeps coming back into it... and for some reason I keep trusting him :/

    Sounds like you are not asking for an answer but looking for someone to say this is OK. That someone will not be me!

    I know this isn't right! It's a cruel sick guy.... but heres the caught i love him....

    You know he's cruel and sick but you love him? Here's a hint. Love yourself more. Get some self respect. Stop believing you need a boy to make your world complete. You sound young. Learn how to love yourself first. Then you won't find yourself wasting love on losers.

    yea I know....

    I can't help it.... Im just too easy
    One basic fact: We all want someone's attention, we all want to be loved. BUT, not all kinds of attention are healthy, and not all of them are signs of love. Unfortunately, many people learn something different during their childhood, being brought up by parents who often are not able to master their conflicts.

    Madonna is right in her song "Secret": "Until I learned to love myself I was never ever loving anybody else." Recover (or discover) your respect and your love for yourself first. That is easier said than done, but it is possible. With time, you will notice that you are getting better and better at drawing limits and recognizing whose company is enriching for you (and that person) and whose is not.

    Another tip: speak your mind openly, especially in front of people who do you harm. Don't try to be liked, don't try to sound nice. Just say what you truly feel is going on. If the guy feels something for you, he'll take that seriously. If not, he'll simply disappear in a puff and that was that.

    Best wishes,

    Thank you, and his last stunt (this) was enough for me. I loved him before, but I don't anymore... I'm done with guys for awhile.. take a break, trust me I need one....

    Thanks Crazybaby

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