best way to kill dandalines

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    I use apple cider vinegar, it kills them pretty fast and won't harm the birds or environment. You might have a little area that you will want to re seed once the dandelion is dead as the grass that is touched by the vinegar will of coarse die off as well. Just be careful not to pour on so much that it spreads too large of an area.
    Why would you want to kill Dandelions? There are good reasons against it:
    a) They are exellent company plants because their long roots pull up valuable nutrients from the deeper levels of the soil. That benefits other plants growing close to them.
    b) You can actually eat them. Dandelions make a good (and free) ingredient for salads.
    c) You can make tea out of their sliced and dried roots. The tea is good for desintoxicating your organism and also helps against rheumatic diseases.
    d) They look nice (well, that is a matter of personal taste, I suppose).

    So, think about it.

    There are several good weed killers out there just pick one that you mix with water and spray using your water hose.
    Dandelion greens are delicious and nutritious to eat. It is best to harvest them in an area where the air is clean, as they tend to absorb chemicals from the air around highways. I don't know if the flower part is edible. I once made a silkscreen of a big dandelion, and wrote a poem to them, too. They are actually quite pretty, too.

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