Is it true that Bin Laden was a billionaire?

    Where did he get his money from?

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    His father was the biggest building contractor in Saudi Arabia.
    I would contest that Wikipedia claim.. As I understand it...
    He wasn't a billionaire, his worth was in the millions. less than 300 million. His family was in the construction business..

    I take Wikipedia with a 'grain of salt' .. There's different stories..
    My sources is TV documentries (I just watched one (1/2 hour ago)

    Who knows what is truth..

    I saw a TV documentary once that ripped the bible to shreds. I don't always believe documentaries on TV but this one made a lot of sense and made a lot of valid points. Others would not believe a thing it said.

    Just pointing out that unless you know for a fact because you yourself were there, anything can be taken with a "grain of salt" ; )

    Does this remove me from your will? :(

    I checked the's the family. The family is worth billions...Osama's share might have only been millions but I'm sure his family would have given had he needed it.

    The bin Laden family (Arabic: بن لادن‎), also spelled Bin Ladin, is a wealthy family intimately connected with the innermost circles of the Saudi royal family. The family was thrown into media spotlight through the activities of one of its members, Osama bin Laden. The financial interests of the bin Laden family are represented by the Saudi Binladin Group, a global oil and equity management conglomerate grossing $5 billion U.S. dollars annually, and one of the largest construction firms in the Islamic world, with offices in London and Geneva. According to an American diplomat, the bin Laden family owns part of Microsoft and Boeing among other companies.[1]

    Yeah, I read the same thing, I know what you mean about TV docs too, they are usually biased opinions.. That's why I posted on my rebuttal 'Who knows what is truth'.. I didn't actually say that I believed what I posted, I was making fact that Wikipedia sometimes has its facts twisted too since it is edited and citations are needed on some claims.

    I did hear that his family was in construction business though and that his current wealth at dath was in low millions. Once again, this is media gossip..

    You're still in my will Colleen but you still have a long wait because I am not going!!
    pretty sure he wasn't living only on hundreds of dollars. :)
    His family made a fortune (Billions) on oil.

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