How to completely erase a hard drive?

    Sometimes simply deleting files isn't good enough...

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    If you want to completely erase a hard drive, the best way to do is formatting it. Right-click on the drive you wan to erase and choose "format". Be carefull not to format the hard drive where you have your windows installed.

    Usually its recommended to install programs and store data on one hard drive, and to store your Windows files on a separate hard drive.
    It is extremely difficult to completely erase a hard drive. Simply formatting it will not get rid of sensitive material which can still be found by experts in the field. There are programs which will completely write over the info and make it more difficult and possibly impossible for them, but if I had a hard drive that had extremely sensitive data, I'd destroy it.

    As posted above formating the hard drive will not erase a hard drive completely. See the following link for a free program that will delete all info on your hard drive:


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