How to read dreams?

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    The basic steps in learning how to read dreans. Information on which aspects are important in your dreams and which dreams are significant.

    Interpreting your dreams is not that difficult once you know what to look for. You must learn to determine important aspects in your dream from ones that have no significance at all. The best dreams to interpret are the ones that you have during your deepest sleep. Your deepest sleep usually occurs during the last few hours before you wake up. The dreams that occur before this time mostly contain conscious thoughts of events that took place during the day. There are a number of other dreams that can be eliminated also.

    Dreams that occur after overeating or drinking too much alcohol or influenced by the indulgence can be eliminated.

    Dreams about something that is actually physically happening to you can be eliminated. For instance, you dream about drowning and wake up to find that your waterbed has sprung a leak and you are soaking wet.

    Dreams about noises that you could actually hear such as a telephone can be eliminated.

    There are four categories that significant dreams fall into: Precognitive, warning, factual and inspirational.

    PRECOGNITIVE dreams are dreams that can actually predict something that is going to happen.

    WARNING dreams are dreams that warn of a danger that is coming.

    FACTUAL dreams are dreams that support something that is currently happening.

    INSPIRATIONAL dreams are dreams that help guide you towards an answer that you are seeking.

    Once you have eliminated the dreams that are not important, you can focus on the one or two significant dreams. Think about every aspect of the dream. Not only the main objects, but the ones that would normally seem unimportant such as the color of a room or the pictures on the walls.

    There are a number of different rules for interpreting dreams. Certain things that you remember in your dreams have the same basic interpretation. Things that are in excellent condition are positive influences but if things are in poor condition the dream is an omen. Climbing means success and descending means failure. If you dream about being sick or something horrible happening to you it is advisable to check out your health.

    There will be some dreams that you can remember vividly and others that you will only be able to remember certain parts. These parts are significant in the fact that you are able to remember them. They will be able to tell you what the dream means even without remembering the whole event.

    Write down everything you can possible remember about each dream and start looking them up in a dream dictionary. Some items will be listed as others in the dictionary so you will need to think of different descriptive words for what you remember. Write down what each items means and then try to put the whole meaning of the dream together.

    Example: You dreamed about a pretty baby that was crying. When you look up baby you see that a pretty baby means that you will be fortunate through the help of your friends. When you also look up crying, you will see that it means that a crying baby signifies surprising good news. Put the dream facts together and you can interpret that you will be receiving good news from your friends.

    I like when dreamers dream of babies. Ak them: What does a "baby" mean to you?... Well, think of it! Often it is something "new" to the dreamer. Why because it is newly born. Something new. With it, there is some kind of responsibility, sxomething they muist do to keep it growing. Some dreamers do not want the responsibility and will often fear the baby in the dream. With that in mind, whatever it is, it is something they will have to work for, if wanted.

    Most dreamers will dream of the unborn. Very favorable. Ever hear the term: "that project was her baby". Not a baby per se, but one this person nurtured until it becomes something pretty incredible. their labor. Such is the dream of the baby.

    Just thought I'd mention it for the sake of symbolism.

    Also, a crying baby would indicate a need for help. It's the reason people cry. A sure sign of such a need.


    I didn't write it. I just copied and pasted it from the internet. I actually didn't even read it. I know what all my dreams mean. Symbolisms mean something different for everyone. Once you figure out your own symbols, your dreams are easy to understand.
    There are three parts to a dream, the beginning, the middle and the end.

    The beginning tells how the issue got started with the dreamer, the middle tells the dremer's point of view, rather how they experienced this from their side of the "story", and the end, is where the dreamer left off with the situation; often, where they are now with the matter.

    Watch for the opening as to whether the issue is interior ( something going on inside the dreamer), or an exterior, rather, whether the issue is one that is or had occurred around the dreamer.

    Look for how much light is available in the dream. It will show you whether the dreamer has a lot or a little understanding concerning the matter to which the dream pertains.

    Also key elements such as WHERE within the dreamer the issue is "stored".

    PS: Leave those dream dictionaries alone! they are like horoscopes which pertain to everyone in the vicinity and not the particular dreamer who actually had the "story" to tell.

    Lots to cover in such a question. So let's give others some room here. Unless, of course, you want to tell the matter seen.

    PS: Good question!!! But always start at the beginning. You can pick up what triggered the dream from there; sometimes even dates. How it got started, where it got started, people involved. etc..

    Your sister,

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