i have this friend that i love dearley he and i dated but then we are frineds now if you love a wome do you keep all her letters ? and if you love her do you sit by her at church ? and if you love her do you tell her that her happness means alott to you ? if eneyone can ancer this it would help me

    i still love him but i wonder if he loves me

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    OK, does all this pertain to him? "now if you love a wome do you keep all her letters ? and if you love her do you sit by her at church ?"....etc

    Is he keeping the letters and letting the woman sit next to him?
    MS. pope1 :
    I am probably not the one to be answering any ones questions now ,
    If you and your friend was dateing and he is now your friend . then
    i say let go of what you think about when you were dateing . you had to be going thru some thing to now be just friends . give time a chance to heal things . there are a lot of guys that are not as sintemental as some . but if your going to church together there is most posibly some thing still there . just come out and ask and then payatention to what he dose . and by all means dont try makeing him jellus . that just may put him over the edge . and ask god to guide you in the path that he wants you to be in .

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