Why is Fox News spelling Bin Laden's first name Usama?

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    In keeping with their Faux news image, they gave him a faux name. :)

    lol, good one.
    Though Fox seems to be the only news source that uses this particular spelling, it is also the spelling preferred by United States intelligence agencies. The FBI’s “Most Wanted List,” now updated to reflect bin Laden’s death, has the name spelled “Usama.” The CIA’s website also spells bin Laden’s name with a “U.”

    So while “Usama” may in fact put “USA” at the front of his name, Fox seems to be going along with U.S. intelligence on the spelling.

    Well the bin Laden family was/is friends with the Bush family after all. Some of his family members were visiting the White House on 9-11.
    Headless Man

    Where did you come up with that bit of info.
    cause all their editors defected to "cnn'
    Maybe they are correct, and we had it wrong from the beginning?

    It could be that Obama, asked them to as a favor, that way people would stop getting their names mixed up?
    That's how his 1st name WAS spelled.
    Because FOX NEWS is RIGHT all of the time!

    Numbers don't LIE.
    They did that Because its like "USA" than "ama" Which they did because it was a big time for US
    cause fox don't want to admit they are wrong on any thing they do

    And worse than that is MSNBC-they don't want to admit they are lying about everything they say, not to mention the most condescending and insulting cry babies on tv, and they continue to split America..

    Good answer Vinny.

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