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    This administration had damn well be responsible with all this intel. I do NOT trust them! I hope this makes a huge difference for world security. I want our troops home.

    I often think about how our lives have changed since the 9.11. Our land is not the safest place anymore. I want my life back!

    Another reason I want our troops back. How protected are we if our military is wayyyy over there?
    Yeah, I watched some of the story on Fox, I agree with Colleen and schubee, that we need our troops back. We need to secure our borders especially the southern border. I saw a new story that had an Arizona rancher that found 3 backpacks that had Yemeni passports, al queda is bigtime in Yemen.

    I really hope that they put this new info. to good use.

    Have you heard about TBS? Turn Back South? Those are the orders for our border patrols now. They are not to arrest anyone crossing the boarder. They are to turn them back south. This is a ploy to try and fool the American people that our boarder is safer than it ever has been due to lower arrests of illegals.

    How safe do you think our borders are?

    No, but i just checked it out thank you, how stupid is this Janet Napolitano, is the one who said,"bulid a 30 ft. wall and I'll show you a Mexican with a 31 foot ladder. She's just unrealistic, I think we need someone else that has some common sense doing her job. I cant believe that they are doing this TBS thing, it's like saying," Sorry guys try again later."

    Man our government is just so stupid sometimes more than not...

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