Ok..enough of silly questions.

    What has this site become?
    There are questions you can research and get plenty of answers on the net by yourself.
    People, do your homework(research) first before asking here!

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    A bunch of kids from yesterday were removed Daren. The admins are on it. But the senior members have to help. You can report anyone you think is just here to troll. List them as a troll. The programmers are working hard on getting spam filters installed to keep a lot of the riff raff out. I wasn't calling you a spammer yesterday btw...I just know they are working on spam filters and I didn't want a filter to think you were a spammer (in case they had a filter going). I of course know you're not a spammer. Some filters will shut you down if you post too many topics in a row. I can not say that's one of the ones they will be using (I have no clue which ones they're using) but I do know they want to cut the spammers and trolls here. I was just looking out for you bud.
    i couldn't agree more, i think its become a tech. support center ,where are all the philisophical questions? are we all now staeling jobs from "ibm", "gmc" freds auto parts!!maybe its time to defect
    I cant believe how fast all this changed. There is not one good question. What happened all the good discussion we all had.
    I've received a reply for the request to have 25 or more questions visible on the pages.

    Reply: "Yup - good idea, we'll do that."
    I've also asked for them to see if they can expand the amount of question topics to at least 25 per page (if not more if possible)
    I just got word that they are working on a pop up feature that lets a returning visitor or member know their question has been answered. This may help with over all interaction.
    I've been given the task of sending all feedback to the admins. I'm letting them know what the concerns are. They want to make sure this forum is not only an informative place but a place for the members to have fun. They are working on ways to improve the fun factor. Give them time is all I can suggest right now.
    Hang in there guys. Just ignore the ones they can figure out themselves. Like, what color is orange? IGNORE or have fun with ; )

    80% of the askers don't even come back to see the answers anyway.
    thought id bring this back to light
    its an online day care center for teen defectives
    i choose to have fun ,how soon is now?
    I miss the input from religious crazies.
    Is there no end to your ability Colleen. You must have been Australian in one of your former lives.

    what, an aborigine?
    smart people BTW, I have worked with some.
    If Colleen was an Ausi in one of her past lives then she would have been a convict lol

    No offence
    Administrators, do something!
    What in the world happened here? Kid's Playground? Rather watch Dumb and Dumber movie.
    Where are they by the way?

    Their bibles don't have GPS. They got lost on the way to the new forum.
    I don't see anything wrong with questions one can research on the net. Some people aren't as good with online research and the knowledge of others can really help them.

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