Is there a liget name for this type of person?

    strong textI know s person that likes to play mean jokes on people all the time.
    She get a real kick out of this stuff and often hurts people feelings.
    When she is confronted with some of the cruel things she does she accuses that person of having a "persecution complex" rather then look at herself.
    Is there a name for a person that loves to tease and taunt others and refuses to look at there own behaver?

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    try this. call her an S. O. B.! If she's out to hurt people with her sayings, tell her to get lost.

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    It is called being a bully.

    Bully, ignorant, coward, a-hole, they all come to mind!

    I think they have looked at themselves and are unhappy with what they saw. At some point in their life they probably gained acceptance from peers by being cruel or malicious or bullying others.
    I think jealousy is the root of the problem, they hate themselves, looks, job threat, better in some way etc. and that's their way of trying to build themselves up while feeling their knocking you down. By the way you explained it it sounds like she thinks she's pretty smart, no one can keep up with her super sharp ways.
    It's tough to say what your best response would be if anything can be done. It's probably so deep in her it's who she is.
    If you don't have to be around her don't works best.
    Giving her a new complex (telling her she has a big head etc.) may feel good but will probably make things worse.

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    Yes there is a name for it, it's called a coward. She is disguising her insults as jokes because she doesn't want to face the reality that she's in a low state of mind. She's inflicted, and needs to inflict others.. so it comes out in the worst possible way. Abused becomes the abuser.

    Don't let it get to you. It's called name the game. If you can accurately describe what she's doing, then she will stop. :] She's making herself feel better at the expense of others.

    Thank you for the response...
    But there has to be a legit name for people that do this.
    Always finding humor at others expense...even when confronted they laugh and justify by saying the other person has issues.

    INSECURE "happiness is conteplating the misery of others"

    I think the only way to give it a name is get her in to see a psychologist unless you do a lot of note taking and studying Johanna.

    Here are a few things to start with if you'd like to pursue it further.
    Instrumental aggression, Anticipatory aggression, Anticipatory aggression, Altruistic aggression, Irritable aggression, Induced aggression.....?

    Not all aggression is direct or readily identifiable. Some aggression may occur in the context of what appear to be a friendship. Such Relational aggression may involve domination, even sadism as the more powerful friend torments the weaker through threats of exclusion. Indirect aggression or passive-aggression involves such actions as spreading rumors about others, even lies; as may social aggression which attacks self esteem or social status.

    Agonistic behaviour is that mixture of aggression, threat display, appeasement behaviour and avoidance that characterizes meetings between strangers of the same species. In such encounters animals show different agonistic, ambivalent behaviour, usually characteristic of the species in terms of ritualized display behaviour.

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