3d games and math how are they related

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    Maths is essential to the creation of interactive games, wether it's 3d or just programming. The amount of mathematics required to program computer games varies a lot depending on what you aim to specialise in. A normal games programmer will have good skills with vectors and basic maths but does not need to be an expert mathematician. If you are wishing to work in graphics then higher maths skills will be needed as they will if you plan on working on physics. It should be noted that the games industry is asking for better maths skills in graduates at the moment and consider lack of maths to be a problem with candidates.
    so yes, 3D games are created and programmed not from thin air but by the use of maths, physics etc.
    they are very related. as without maths or physics you can never program a game.
    hope this is what you asked about anyway :)

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