will i ever find a girlfriend ?

    i looking for a girl who like to fishing and to movies
    and maybe like to just be with me.

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    Don't know how old you are but if your over 21 stay out of bars and such. I'm not a holly roller but I met some outrageous women in church. Most have morals, most are intelligent, and most won't give it up on the first date if at all, this is a good thing.
    Get a cute puppy, all girls like cute puppies, take it for a walk and the girls will fall all over you.. Give it a weird name too, some stupid name that doesn't fit the dog, do this because the first thing she will say is.. aww, how cute, what's its name, then you say something stupid like.. horse.. Then she will say that's an odd name, why do you call him horse.. And then you make your move!! :) You got her in a conversation..

    BTW: The name can be made up at the moment, doesn't need to be its real name..
    Go on, or any of the other dating sites. Look for girls that match with your interests.
    Nope, you better go somewhere else!
    dont go on a online sight just go out there find a woman you fancy and ask her out!

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