what is brazil's largest export?

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    Looks like mostly agricultural products, check out these sites, seem like a homework question to me....

    Economy of Brazil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    * History|
    * Components of...|
    * Economic...|
    * Income in...

    The economy of Brazil is the world's seventh largest by nominal GDP and seventh largest by purchasing power parity. Brazil has moderately free markets and an inward-oriented economy.... - Cached
    Brazil's Trade Buddies: Top Ten Export & Import Partners ...
    In 2005, Brazil's total exports more than doubled to US$118 billion from $58 billion for 2001. Over that same period, imports into South America's largest country grew ... - Cached
    Brazil's Largest Export - Image Results
    Brazil-Ex... Green Car... Brazil Ch... brazil s ...
    Brazil Exports - - Free Indicators for ...
    Large iron and manganese reserves are important sources of industrial raw materials and export earnings. Brazil’s largest exports markets are European Union, United ... - Cached
    Brazil's Major Exports - International Business - a Wikia wiki
    An overall brief analysis of Brazil’s major export goods include: [1] ... products in 2004 becoming the world’s third-largest exporter of agricultural goods. Brazil’s ... - Cached
    China: Brazil?s Largest Export Market
    This is a blog discussing latin america in general and Brazil in particular. The writings reflect my main thoughts and opinions about the region. - Cached

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