how inportant is first aid to blue collar workers

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    First aid is essential on or off the job, you never know when you'll need it and whose life it may save. When, I worked medic/fire rescue, you'd be surprised how often, we'd arrive a scene an everyone would be standing not attempting to help the victim(s) prior to our arrival. More lives could be saved, if, only!! They took the time to learn and help!
    Blue collar (workers in manufacturing, mining, building and construction trades, mechanical work, maintenance, repair and operations maintenance, or technical installations); as you can see for yourself many of the jobs or industries listed as blue collar include workers who work around heavy equipment or in dangerous conditions.

    It should be very important for the blue collar worker to have some training in basic first aid. When working with heavy equipment or power tools, the chances of serious injury increase greatly.

    My friends father was a plumber who cut of parts of a few fingers while working with a skill saw. He knew that he had to put the fingers on ice and rushed to the hospital. The doctor was able to save two fingers, but they weren't able to save the third. It's extremely important to know what to do when something like this happens. Just ask Bill.

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