How old would Eve have had to be to normally have her first child?
    Adam and Eve were 130 yrs old when Seth was born (Gen 4:25), Evidently women did not go through menopause. If Eve lived 930 yrs (Gen 5:3) in a young body and never had twins how many children could she have had?

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    as far as having her first child "normally' ther's no evidence what so ever how old she was! cain and able however are not twins they were born before that i can see is gen:5:4after he begot seth 'the days of adam were 800 years and he begot sons and daughters. so thers no saying how many children she bore!
    Since God created everything full grown Eve was a mature woman at creation. It would have taken her nine months to naturally produce her first child and if she lived as long as Adam (women generally out live men) she would have lived 930 years or 11,160 months. It takes nine months to produce a child. 11,160 divided by 9 equals 1,240 children she could have produced. Since many people at that time lived over 900 years, we have the answer to how Cain could have built a city. It is possible that there were more people on earth when the flood came than there are now.
    I would say over a thousand even with no twins.

    You are so right. Thanks for your answer.
    Jewish tradition and the historian Josephus suggests Adam and Eve had 31 children of both sexes. But only three sons are mentioned by name.

    Josephus was a great historian but his expertise is not in explaining the creation.
    You know what, I just hate math! I always have and I always will. But, I'll tell you this. this girl was young. She must've been close to 20yrs, I'd say. And the reason I say that is because she was terribly inexperienced until being introduced to Tokogae. She had not even had a menstrual cycle. The Lord knew that she was with child before they left Eden.

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    hello, a dream interpreter for twenty years, that's awesome, welcome aboard dreamer :) i should post my dreams to you soon to interpret :D

    I think that's Kewl DoubleHelix! You can post them here under "Social Science" and "Dream Interpretation". There was only one dream there, last I looked.

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    Actually, Eve had sex before marriage. She was an unmarried mother and she gets the blame for everything too.

    So, what does that prove? Who married them if they were the only couple, eh?

    Gen 3:8 NIV "Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the LORD..." This is referring to Adam and his WIFE, BEFORE they left the garden. Who married them? Obviously it was God. No, Eve did not have sex before marriage! She was created to be his mate. She was not an unmarried mother and to claim such is to teach your fantasy as fact.

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