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    who gives the best care, Hospital or Urgent care clinic? and what is more affordable?

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    It is all relative to what kind of insurance coverage you have.


    And if can afford it.

    It is all relative to the type of care you need and what urgent care clinic and hospital you are comparing. Over all a hospital has more resources, diagnostic equipment and specialist than an urgent care clinic. So a hospital can give you better care for a larger range of injures or ailments.
    With this comes a higher bill from the hospital as well.

    go into the military go to war get your leg's blown off and then you can get health care at a va for life

    Back your president BARAC OBARMA and get yourselves a public health care scheme like most civilized countries have.The poor can't pay for insurance cover.Trouble is there are to many making to much money out of insurance and health care.

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