How would you vote in a referendum "Should the United Kingdom leave the EU?" Yes or No?

    The poeple of Britain voted YES to a Common Market, Nobody suggested it was going to turn into a United States of Europe that dictates to us and threatens our position as a sovereign state, (American views welcome but would you please say you are a US citizen. It will be interesting to hear what Americans think, but it would make a British count possible if we know which are "votes" and which opinions. Thank you.)

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    Five years later we have a referendum to leave or stay/. I'm voting to leave because, our laws are now all made by an unelected bunch of scum bags who call themselves the EU parliament we have to pay £350,000,000 per week to be a member, about £100,000,000 of that comes back as a subsidy for farmers, which keeps the price of food high, too high for some people to afford. Those in favour of staying in say we will loose out through trade deals, but we buy more from the rest of Europe than they buy from us, so from that point of view they need us more than we need them, they are hardly going to stop selling us their BMW,Audi,Meredes, Citreion or Renault cars, or Champagne and red wines. One thing we do get from them is their criminals and murders, at the moment there are 9895 foreigners in our prisons 4171 are from EU. According to the EU agreement the EU criminals are supposed to be sent back to their own country to serve their sentence, this doesn't happen, and when they are released they are free to roam our streets to commit more crimes. These are just a few good reasons to vote leave, it can't come soon enough as far as I am concerned.


    Yep i agree with Dave for all the reasons he gives ,and a few more he does not mention,,

    Yes Brenda , I too could think of 101 good reasons to leave, and very few to stay.

    Yes Brenda, I also agree with Dave, but this question is 5 years old and I'm wondering if the asker is a soothsayer, he/she certainly knew something we didn't know at that time.
    Colleen has asked for an up-to-date explanation of the politics that led to this question. I'll do my best. If anyone from the UK spots errors could you please correct them as a comment. Thanks.

    Edward Heath, always a supporter of the European Ecomomic Community, from which President de Gaulle barred us for so long, took the unusual step of holding a referendum on whether or not we should join. An Economic Community means the removal of all trade barriers within the community, including permitting the free movement of workers.

    During the campaign "European Economic Community" became referred to as "The Common Market". People approved the chance to buy and sell goods freely: few seemed to see the other implications... the massive influx of "foreign" workers. Initially this wasn't an issue anyway. What nobody... or few ordinary people anyway... had foreseen was the growth in size of the Community.

    The change to "European Union" was far more serious and yet there was no referendum on whether the British people were prepared to give up their rights as a sovereign nation.

    This is no longer an issue about Free Trade. Our government are no longer the law makers on anything. We are told by a group of people, where we are only one voice among many, what we may or may not do in areas of the law totally unrelated to trade.

    Worse, the European Union demands that we pour billions of pounds into the poorer countries. All very noble, until you look at the result.

    Cutbacks in the UK are vicious. So many jobs have gone, where companies needed temorary government support, that people are pushed into not being able to pay mortgages. The banks/building societies foreclose, local authorities struggle to rehouse those people, withdrawing money from the most vulnerable... the diasbled and the elderly... while previous homeowners see their houses boarded up and falling into disrepair.

    To an extent, given the global recession, all that was bound to happen... but what happens to the billions paid into the EU we now need so desperately at home? Some of it, but apparently not enough, goes to Southern Ireland. Thanks to the courage and hard work of MP Mo Molam, who fought through cancer to achieve it, the Irish Troubles were OVER. Not anymore. Without a steady stream of investment from the EU the criminals are on the move. What they can't claim by "legal" means they take by force... and who is left to sort out that situation, yet again? Not the EU... the UK, of which Northern Ireland remains a part, from choice.

    There is a lot more I could say but I think that is enough to give our American friends, and many others, an idea of what we are up against. You saw the real UK at the royal wedding on April 29th. Yes, it was ancient pageantry... those are now just the trimmings brought out for special occasions, and most of the world seemed to enjoy it.

    It is a symbol of our heritage. Our Queen IS still Head of State, but for how long when her government has relinquished so much power? Her "job" is more real than most people understand. She works, keeping up-to-date with state papers... she talks weekly with the current prime minister... a continuing presence as politians come and go. Public appearances are more trimmings, and she needs, and accepts, the help of her family.

    So, how would you vote? If you are citizen of another country, what is your opinion?
    Could not agree more suliz as I have mentioned to you previously I have a daughter in London. She purchased a 1 bed walk up at Walthamstow and has seen her interest rates go through the roof.I was much taken with the progress in The Republic of Ireland when I was there on a visit with my daughter in 2005 & 2007. From what I have heard since the "boom" has"busted" there also. I am not going to name specific countries but the influx of workers from over the channel is appalling .The United Kingdom or, England as we call it in general terms, has always been our Mother country and for me always will. Even though I am of Scottish heritage.See you in October.

    Last time i was in Ireland there were cranes everywhere... building under construction... all EU money, but being well-used. The problem is the men of violence who took their cut unseen...
    I'm part Scots too:-)
    With regard to immigrants... it's not a racist issue... we're a small island & we simply don't have the space.
    Yes (Australia)
    OK, so I called a friend of mine who lives in England. After reading what you wrote and having her explain it to me more clearly, I agree with a yes vote. I don't know how you (England) can do it but you have to find a way of extricating yourselves from what I consider to be one huge scam. This sounds like mafia gone wild. I can't even see how this system could work. Best of luck to you getting out of it!

    Thank you, Colleen. While you're around, some of the comment boxes are refusing to work, including the one I needed to thank you for adding to my karma answer.

    I'll add it to their list. ;)

    actually, can you explain..refusing to work?
    I'm not sure what "leave the EU" is? Is there a nutshell explanation or should I google? I love England and the people of England and I am interested in it's policies concerning it's people as I feel many are out dated.

    I'll do my best, Colleen, I think a seperate answer would be more noticable for others so I'll add one now. Thanks for the interest,

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