why was bin ladens body gone so quickley

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    This whole thing is weird. Islamic law states that the deceased must be 'disposed of' within 24 hours. et the news broadcast says he was killed a week ago, Obama says he gave the order that same day he was killed, then they say that DNA test were performed proving it was Obama, the media reported in one night 5 different ways he was killed, they had to drag his body out and take it to sea.. All this is a mystery to me, knowing the 'chain of command' it would have taken hours for this 'command to kill' would reach the unit carrying out the plan.. I just don't see how all this could be done in one day.. But I'm confused most of the time, that's why i am here.. :)

    I agree with you Vinny. Not much of it is making any sense.
    People. The shitbag is dead. I would have sewn a pig skin around his body and thrown him into the ocean. Bet the sharks don't even nibble on this dirtbag.
    Because of ISLAM RELIGION.

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