Good Bye

    I just want to say goodbye to everyone, I won’t be visiting this website anymore because admin team of this site did not treat members well and fair.
    Good luck to everyone!!!

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    I will miss your are part of what adds to all the personalities on this sight. Just remember that it's not about the's about giving honest, feeling answers.Believe it or not, your answers have touched many people and thats what it's really about here. I hope you change your mind.If not...I send you love and light and thank you if you have touched down on any of my questions.

    Thank you and you are actually right about that, its not all about karma points, its more than that. I think I will just take time off from this site for a while and maybe later will be back when I will have more free time to do so.
    Honestly your answer gave kick and helped me out thanks much!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you here again;)
    Have a nice life!
    The admins did their job. Don't even try to cause drama.
    winers never quit and quiters never win! good luck and god bless

    well said daren1 ........... post one for Palen
    No dramas here men, just not fair
    Thanks you too :-)
    Andrew, I hate to see you leave.
    Seriously, I think you were One of the best members here. I loved reading your questions and answers and I think you should stick around where you are most appreciated.
    Come on, give it another shot.

    Bye Alexus, and more!

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