describe unsafe practice that may affect the well-beign of individuals

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    Drugs and alcohol.

    Doctors in hospitals not washing their hands correctly between patients, can result in Golden Staff.

    Drugs as in drug addict  or alcholic?

    Spreading malicious gossip

    Driving under the influence

    Armed  with a gun

    Trying to pat a growling pitbull.


    You are lucky if it's only your arm. Could be the family jewels and the whole nine yards.

    Boy that a long one,Bragging again?

    Geez, we had this homework question already. Who failed making it so we have to do the assignment again?

    I have a new answer just incase it was my last answer that failed the class.

    Not washing your hands after using the toilet, then going back to work in the kitchen.

    Homework again?

    Well leaving a chain saw running unattended in the middle of your school playground at lunch time would qualify.

    Unsafe sex.

    Trying to buy stocks without any knowledge or experience.

    Talking "Back to the mother-in-law

    Teaching are young the true values of life not that was in an old book. Its 2011 now time to wake up. move on and grow.  Let the young think past you. And show there young what have found.

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