How do you know if a man is flirting or just being friendly?

    All the time I think a man is flirting or is interested in me, and then I find out he is happily married or dating someone. Am I misreading the signals?

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    If the female is attractive, you can be sure the 'vast majority' are sure thinking about it. Especially the 'jerks' who believe they are a gift to the female gender.

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    Is he staring at your mouth? does he seem nervous? Is he trying to touch you from time to time?
    If so, then he's 100% flirting.


    I know a few guys who are very touchy feely notnecessarily in a sexual way but maybe I don't know them very well and they are always coming up putting their arm around me or something. Its confusing. I never noticed the mouth thing. I will pay attention to that. Usually if they are staring its a little lower lol :P


    Well usually it takes more than just on of the items I listed above to really tell.
    Anyway, if when you're sure that the guy isn't flirting, then these definitely don't apply.

    no. he is flirting.. I'm a guy. He's just not married in his heart.


    lol .. ok i guess that makes sense. sad tho.

    It is all the same to men.
    by the ring on his finger or her finger at best
    Yeah sea animal I'm starting to think your right

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