brother sewing machine xl 5130

    how to thread and fix why it keeps from catchin a bunch of thread by the bobbin

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    1. How do I wind the bobbin?

    2. How do I thread my machine?

    3. Lower bobbin threading

    4. Combination of fabric, thread and needle

    5. The thread tension is incorrect.

    Also, click tab on the page to see the manual

    opppps im new and i guess im stumberling around but i do see yes you sent her that link Colleen ur a woman of few words (only joking ) wow im looking at that manual cool

    ok so why cant u follow the directions in the manual????? thats where the answers all are and with pictures to follow thats a far better explanation than i can give u once u have worked that out sure i can give u tips but get the thing sorted first



    Ninja, look above your comment. That was me giving Jennifer the manual. I'm sure once she had the manual she was able to follow the directions in it. It even provide pictures. She also asked this question 6 days ago and hasn't been back since. I have a feeling she's all set.

    i need help with threading and a few other things

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