Is There A Way To Make My Computer Run Faster,I Have Tried Resetting Browser,Ran Virus Scan Restored, Nothing seems To Work? It Was Fine A Year Ago W/New

    Nothing I Do Seems To Help,No Viruses And Cleaned Registry

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    You did not state what kind of computer you have or software. If you have a Microsoft Windows based program it has where you can click on clean up and defrag this will rid your computer of a lot of useless stuff you have picked up downloading and all and that helps. I am still learning about my Mac it does not have that option that I know of?
    The things that could be slowing your computer down are heavy programs, like Adobe Photoshop, etc. open while you run other programs. Or, you need to clean out the fan in your computer tower, that might help. Sometimes these things just wear out, you might need to upgrade your RAM.
    But you've mentioned your broswer. If your internet is slow to respond it could just be your internet connection.
    a couple of good F R E E programs that will work are "Defraggler" and "CCleaner". they will find and clean many files over and over. AND, there's no catch. they ask for donations but don't shut you out if you don't. try 'em, you'll like 'em.

    and it can be your startup programs. If you have too many start up at the beginning it could make it run slowly. you may have some programs running in the background. clean out your registry files may help.

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