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    I have a depression cyle. Has anyone else noticed this when they are battling depression. I am good... good... good... then all of the sudden I am hopeless. It is like hitting a brick wall.

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    I am so glad you guys think I am so fabulous... I think getting out of this house will do me wonders. Wow I need a real job.

    have you considered being checked up for bi-polar disorder? I have a mate who suffers the same as you, very up then very down! he has it well under control now with the help of some drugs! but I am sure that a diet change can be just as beneficial. I hope it all gets better for you. :-)

    I mostly notice a change when I isolate myself, or am not working for a few days at a time. Like they said above, may want to check it out with a Dr., could be Bi-polar? You are awesome Jen, try to keep thinking positively when you feel down, thank God for all the good things in your life. When I get down,

    I just force myself to go out and do something and to be around people. Recognizing when your mood changes and then doing something you like, will be a big help. Hope you feel better soon.

    I sure can relate to you Jenn,i fight depression every day,work alway's seamed to help keep a lid on it somewhat but now that i'am out of work for the 1st time in 30 years it's really hard.Alot of people tell me to see a Dr.but i've never taken any meds for my depression,so i just tough it out hope for better day's ...Those better day's better hurry up,i'am 56 years old.Wishing for better days for you to Jenn...Peace


    Take advantage of any extra offers available for training or schooling. Being laid off from work gives you time to do things you need or want to do, at least until the better days return, and they will. :-)

    Jenn, haven't been diagnosed as having depression but I can relate to good times and then POW, bad times. I try to surround myself with positive things that make me happy and that works sometimes but then there are the times where I'll look in the mirror and see a stranger. I'm no expert so all I can say is keep in touch and let us know how you're doing so we can be there for you. You're awesome! Love ya, Coach

    Hey Jenn,

    I usually become depressive right when I'm developing a flu or some other infection. It hits me like two days before the illness itself. Earlier in my life I also used to become depressive when coming home after some social or other activity that I enjoyed. Apparently, the silence and loneliness affected me and gave me a sense of emptyness. Luckily, today I like to come home.

    I understand that some women also develop depression related to their cycle. Maybe that is so in your case? Is your depression cyclic, I mean, recurring regularly?

    Concerning the bipolar disorder theory: how "up" are you when you're ok? Or are you just normally alright during those phases?

    Cheers and my best wishes,

    Sorry to hear that Jenn. I wish I could help you. Be positive always :)

    Take up meditation and a hobby.

    what i do when i feel depressed is go out to a nearby train station, get out at a random station, go wander random streets until i find a nearby playground, sit on the swing for half an hour; just swinging thinking of nothing; feeling the air and nature around me, then trace my steps through the streets again, trying to remember which way i came, then finding the station and going back home, i have done that so many times, so far i know at least 16 of different playground locations, works like magic when i come home all refreshed. ;) everyone has their way of dealing with depression, i hope you'll find yourself a good way too. good luck jenn ;) if you need tips, you can always ask me ;)

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