is it okay to feed cats milk

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    While milk might seem like a natural choice for your cat, the truth is that cow’s milk offers no nutritional value for cats, and it can cause digestive problems in many. The reason is that most cats develop intolerance to lactose shortly after they are weaned. This means that they are unable to digest the sugars that occur naturally in milk. This causes problems that include diarrhea and other unpleasant digestive problems.

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    deffinately not our cows milk is intolerant to cats as their digestive system is not like ours it will give them very loose stools and also make them sick i do know that cats love dairy milk and go crazy for cream but it is not worth all proplems it causes melanie
    Best not to, it usually makes them sick.
    No it is not healthy for them.
    Many cats are allergic to cows milk. Most can handle as a treat once in a while.
    A little of what you fancy does you good?

    If the cat is healthy, yes.

    All adults, human & animal, become less tolerant of lactose than youngsters: if milk products upset you, or one of your animals, avoid them.
    the answer is no.however my dad lived on afarm and all the cats drank the milk and were not sick.I give mine some occasionally as a treat.I take it arryoudini that you do not like cats.

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