For it or against it.

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    Has anyone seen what these extremists do to reporters and common people from different countries? They chop the freaking heads off on camera....

    This p.c. bull crap that we see on the news is ridiculous, how else are we supposed to get information from our enemies who want to kill us? Take them out to dinner at a fancy restaurant? Be realistic, it's in our military's best interests to use certain techniques to get information from war criminals.

    I say more power to them, if it is saving innocent peoples lives, it's worth it. Not to mention these extremists are attacking civilians, grandmothers, women and children, do you think they would treat us nicely if we were kidnapped by them? I know they also fight men, but they fight dirty, really dirty...
    totally for it ,how much worse do you think they do to our troops
    i've tried it a few times the waves just wern't big enough, it was torture
    For it.
    By the way, I'm all for it if it can save 1 American life.
    The Washington debate over the simulated-drowning technique may be new, but the practice is not. It predates the Inquisition and has been used, off and on, around the world ever since.
    Your thoughts please.
    TORTURE, I am not so sure that it is. The word “torture” carries a certain number of very weighty connotations that I’m not sure apply to waterboarding.
    Sorry friends of humanity, I say get the information anyway you can.. Its been said that the tortured will say anything to keep from getting tortured, well as opposed to being killed when they find out it was a lie, I think torture works. Many POW broke down just looking at the apparatus that was going to be implemented. It's about saving lives, not torturing them. if you have a bad guy that knows something (and you know he does)and you also know this information will save lives on both sides, waddia do?? Let many lives be lost because you might hurt the one that can stop the destruction? Water boarding IMO is not worthy of being called torture no more than playing Led Zepplin music on the field of battle to drive your opponents nuts..
    Against it!!!
    I think waterboarding is torture... But I am all for it...
    what kind of question is that? Any form of torture should not be supported!
    Yes. If it means keeping us safe from another 911. I'd stick their head down the toilet and flush a few times. We need some lessons from the English they've got the torture thing down pat.
    Take a survey, for or against waterboarding.
    Don't you believe waterboarding helped get the info. to locate OBL?
    Torture would leave permanent marks.jmo
    Abu Zubayda broke after 35 seconds of being waterboarded and, according to the man who did it, the information he gave let us stop “…a number of attacks, maybe dozens of attacks”.
    Okay, I missed the boat here, what was the controversy with water boarding?

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