Kittens arriving soon?

    My cat is expecting.... I think it has been about 1.5 months since her incounter. March 12th... I posted a question about screamming cats. How long is the gestation for cats? When will she give birth? ( for all the ASPA lover out there. She was too young to have fixed when we took her to have her spayed. 2 months later she was with kittens)

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    The normal development (gestation) is between 58 to 65 days or about 9 weeks.

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    By the time you can tell she's pregnant your cat will be well advanced in the gestation period. The mother doesn't begin to show signs of her pregnancy until two weeks before delivery time.

    Yup, the kittens will be here soon. Good luck!

    My vote is for the full moon mid may. My dad swears moms go into labor on hte full moon.

    Jenn the gestation period is about 65 days for a cat so best of luck "Grandma"!

    Let's have an "akaQA Kitten Arrival" pool. Winner get's thumbs up from the rest!

    I guess May 15th!

    Coach's answer is partially correct.

    The gestation period for domestic cats ranges from 60 to 69 days, so 65 is in the middle of that range.

    You suggest that your cat had intercourse about 1.5 months ago, but March 12th was just a month ago tomorrow-- or 30 days ago today. If you're giving the cat proper nutrition, then she ought to deliver her litter between May 12th and May 21st. I think Coach is probably on the mark with the 15th, based on experience.

    Do talk to a vet to determine the best time to perform the spaying following her delivery. Unspayed cats suffer greatly, are prone to cancer and live shorter lives than those that are spayed.


    I was very diappionted that the vet would not spayed her when we brought her in the first time she was 6 mo. old.( so we thought) She will be spayed asap. There are too many kittys without homes and and just the experience (of kitty mating) is horiffing to me.


    Yes my 1.5 mo. was off... I was thinking today was the 25th.

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