What are your opinions on puppy mills?

    I for one am totally against puppy mills. Puppies are forced to lived in small cages and never have the freedom of outdoors.These places should all be banned. There is enough unwanted dogs in the world and it is because of these place over populating the world. I hate these places.

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    Puppy Mills are run by People who only care about making money.
    The treatment of these beautiful creatures is so inhumane and
    cruel. The Mother having one Litter after another until she dies
    from exhaustion. They need to be shut down. I have always
    wondered if these Breeders even have a soul. There are no
    Puppymills where I live and if there were I would not rest until they were shut down.
    Puppy mills are outlawed in many areas, but not enough areas. Most of the time when one is discovered, they are shut down. So the deal is, if you know of one, contact your local law officials.

    Absolutely. In the UK contact your local council, preferably through the person who represents your area.
    I agree absolutely, aleu.

    We call them puppy farms in the UK.

    Mills or farms... they are not the only cause of unwanted dogs but they certainly don't help. (Careless owners who don't have animals neutered or spayed, or dump a "nuisance" or "out-of-fashion" dog are two others.)

    Puppy mills/farms are run by people making money out of living creatures and, since they can make more out of pedigree dogs, harming the breed while they do it by producing sub-standard puppies.

    I love all dogs, pedigree or not, but if I buy a pedigree dog, and I do have one, I expect the best. My "Heinz 57" crew receive the same standard of care and love.

    (Have you been sensible & contacted "mum" yet?)

    contact mum for what?

    I was trying to be tactful. The mother of certain children has custody of them and therefore is in a strong position to protect them.

    Warning of what you propose to do, I hope, would give her the lever she needs to cut Direct to Indirect Contact. HE will have used your presence to support his case.

    Drunkeness... killing a family pet... no girlfriend in residence due to that behaviour...

    I don't suppose she LIKES letting them go to visit. Until now, she will have had no choice.

    If it works for her, which it well might, it doesn't mean YOU will never see them again. Why should it if she's grateful and they love you? Children can never have too many "aunties".

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