Why do I have low fever all the time?

    Why am I running a fever all the time? I am not sick. IS it "the change"? I am 34. A very young 34.

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    First I would say that it is because you are a hot n sexy girl.... :) tring to make u smile !

    I was wondering just what your temp is most of the time ? BTW, to get a true and very accurate reading, a rectal temp reading is best.

    That's a little young to go through the change, unless you have had a hysterectomy ? Could be you have some sort of infection in your body somewhere, that's what a fever usually means. Maybe in your colon. I had that happen when dealing with diverticulitis, got a fever, then pain in the lower regions.? Kidney stones? Gal stones? Check out web Md you may have some symptoms that you just haven't noticed? Hope you get it checked out. Feel better soon!!!


    Yo LR! Same answer 2 minutes my long lost twin?


    If you're my must be one handsome dude!


    Could be I've had people come up to me and ask me if I lived such and such a place, or if my name was bill or something, I must have a twin somewhere, question is I don't know if I am the evil one or not?

    Gal Stone or kidney stones... Yup that sounds just like me... Off to the Dr. ..... well one day. I hate Dr.'s.

    bumping ... I have not gottten an answer and I an feverish again.

    Simple're HOT girl!! Sorry that was too easy.

    You are young to be "changing". A fever can be the result of an infection. What does your doctor say?

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