How far is too far?

    When does innocent flirtation become not so innocent?

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    Good question Jenn t.u.2 u!

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    Possibly at the point of physical contact.

    Let me add to this, when you start to have fantasies with this person, once you imagine doing something, the next step is planning how to do it.


    I can see that... you are prob. right.

    Jenn,it's time you explained to this guy that you are not going to jeopardise your marriage for the sake of a quick roll in the hay.

    Over the course of my marriage I have had temptation knock at my door a couple of times but I have been lucky enough to be able to stop,think and consider what it would do to my wife & marriage if I carried thru.

    No flirtation is innocent.there is always an ulterior motive.

    Think about it girl.You've had enough troubles.Tommy.


    Love you tommy!

    When my wife found out.

    Jenn! I don't know your situation probably not my business,but if it's any help,you could take time,and be patience, could solve it own problem,
    we are sometime to quick,and jump to conclusion,if you did go to far,don't worry,there lot of fish in ocean.don't be like me, I was a coward when it came for a relationship,so I miss out,now I will never know. You'll probably the best thing for him? they say love is blind.again if it met to be, it will happen.hope you the best.GOOD LUCK. maybe I'll say little prayer for you only no one else promise.LOL.

    You are sweet. I am married have been for 17 years. I just see something going on with a friend of ours and dont know if or when I should get really concernd.

    It's was told me once your closest friend can be the worst one to help when you need them the most, where are they when you need them the most? My believe is only a test on your courage & emotional,just hang in there give a man enough rope,He either will come to his sense,or hang,"loose his only LOVE".

    When you feel uncomfortable at all it is too far......

    I think men flirt much more than women. Men think about sex 24/7 and if they ARE flirting with you (women) they are probably looking to BONE YOU. Women on the other hand could stop the flirting in its tracks if they DON'T RESPOND or ACT OFFENDED. (like when I'm doing it) Going too far? Hmmmmm, I would say you've gone too far when your shelling out $60 for 2 hours at some roadside Super 8.

    When you let it go too far

    The innocence stops when one of the people involved starts getting stronger feelings. The signals sent out by flirting can be misinterpreted by the other person. If it's with a close friend then it's harmless and is usually good for some laughs!


    Is the physical aspect wanted or unwanted Jenn?


    Jenn, hitting the sack cause it's late here in Philly. I am worried about you so please find me tomorrow and let me know what's up. Love ya kiddo, Coach


    Hey Jenn. When I'm in a bind, I try to weigh all of my options and consider the consequences before I decide to act on something I'm not sure about. Hope that helps a little. TTYL


    Sounds complicated to me Jenn and I can't figure out exactly what the situation is so I can't give very sound advice. Sorry! What I do know is that your first priority should be to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Keep me up to date.


    @ coach, what if it get a little physical.. I really am at a loss for what to think I am not being nieve.


    I am all good coach... I have a friend who I am also friends with his wife... I see something going on but I am closer to him so I dont want to get involve until I have to.


    I feel responcable for them... Cant tell you why. But If things go wrong... I am going to feel terrible. He knows better. But he thinks he is keeping within the lines. I keep it to my self and I get" why didnt anyone tell me... I say something and I am causing problems.

    When it gets out of hand.

    When it becomes more like a demand or an order.
    BTW , how have u been jenn? good I hope


    Maybe when you want more than just flirtation ?


    Very GOOD. No demanding just overwhelming urges.


    i am deliberately vage... But that was the qusetion.


    ty... what if you are already familiar with the person... close friend


    That is my advice... in a perfect world. but it is hard to tell someone to stop what is making them happy, if they are not going to follow through with it. (SEX).. I could say stay away from them or talk to your parner but in the end are they really hurting anyone?


    @ JDB gr8 answer... that is going to bre the one I will use... TY


    who has the overwhelming urges? are we talking of you? if so, then I misunderstood the Q.


    i must agree with leeroy, it would be at the point of physical contact. until then, it is just innocent flirtation


    I say , sleep on the thought and give it some serious thought. And if no one will be harmed in any way, go for it. You only live once. remember to think about it first

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