Can you interpret this dream?

    I feel like there is cotton in my mouth and I try to hold it in until i am in private... When I get to a sick or bathroom alone I start pulling this stuff out of my mouth... I is tape worms I pull and pull and pull and them there are large ones... i pull on those for what seems like forever... I have this dream all the time

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    nicky, that is what I was things it was. but I kept sickness in the back of my mind. When there is sicknees i usually dream about my teeth falling out.concidering it was my mouth i thought hey maybe it could be. But I think oyu are on the money. TY for sharing.


    Maybe you're keeping something in, something that is 'eating you up inside' but it keeps coming to the surface and making you sick. The more you try to get rid of it, the more there seems to be - neverending. One of the best ways to interpret dreams is to work out what the symbols mean to you. How do you feel about tapeworms, about having to be in private to pull them out? Do you ever get rid of them, and how do you feel either way? I tend to have symbolic dreams so I do believe they have meanings. Or maybe it is sleep Apnea.

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    Sounds like your dreaming about suffocating Jenn. That could be caused by Sleep Apnea. If this is so you stop breathing for very short periods during your nights sleep. You then have dreams that your drowning, have a pillow over your head, or in your case, COTTON down your throat. What ever the dream, they all have lack of air in them. Dr TSC knows.........I have mild Sleep Apnea. Seriously.


    Ok that never dawned on me... I am going to get tested. I never would have even thought of that

    Wow, thumbs TSC, I was just going to say that your body is trying to tell you something, that would have been my guess. My friends mom had that and had to get a special machine designed to keep you breathing when you sleep. Hope you get it checked out Jenn. Best wishes.


    My hubby uses a c-pac.. But i would have never thought about it.


    Maybe that's why you have the dream? Could be just the thoughts of the machine? Hope you look into it at your next check up.

    my mom used to have a dream that she had gum in her mouth. she couldn't spit it out. the more she chewed the bigger this gum got. she had the dream about once a week. someone suggested this old saying "you bit off more than you could chew" mom had two jobs at the time and i was a baby so it occured to her that maybe she indeed had bit off more than she could chew. after her conclusion, she never had that dream again.
    you had some other answers that seem more helpful to you. i'm just adding my two bits.
    ITSMEE, dreamer


    I tought it was me saying or not saying something.

    There has to be a website on dream interpretation out there somewhere, I know there are books, my mom used to do that for us, she'd just look up the meaning of certain things. It was a cool mom thing to do.


    i am pretty good with dream interpritation and omens... but this one has me stumped. I cant really find anything on it.

    If I had a dream like that, I'd never sleep again.

    Are you trying to grab attention from my VERY SERIOUS CONSTIPATION QUESTION?
    Now I have to worry about YOU. <3


    No I am very serious about my freaky dream I have it all the time.

    Dreaming of a tapeworm, or having one, denotes disagreeable prospects for health or for pleasure. Being they are big tapeworms, is there something major you don't believe or agree about going on with your health or something changing in your life that will be taking away from something you might enjoy?Just a thought.

    TSC gave a good explanation.. people often think dreams are messages from some external force but rarely they are.. it is possible that the odd one is if you believe this, but dreams are just representations of how you feel.. so if it's a chronic occurrence then it makes sense that it's stemming from a chronic sleep disorder.

    Stop eating sweets.

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