how can u tell ur girlfriend is cheating

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    Secret phone calls, txting more than usual, new look, not wanting to be intamant with you... IF she wants to keep you she will hide it really well... if she is testing the water of a new relationship she will get cuaght.
    When she calls out another mans name while your doing the deed. :(
    when you ask sudden questions that lead to suspicions, the lady would avert her eyes, work her hands and fingers, try to end the conversation, or possibly which is the ultimate giveaway for ladies and at the same time the most soundable reason to a man's ear ; "why are you questioning me like this, don't you trust me, i'm your girlfriend for god's sake" then fake tears start dripping then the stupid guy says "awh, darling i never meant to suspect you like this, i just wanted to make sure every things okay between us, please forgive me" (hugs). this scenario could be made differently due to different personalities out there, but keep in mind, ladies control, while the man falls prey to their lust.

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